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Photo Gallery of Smitty and the JumpStarters at MerleFest 2018, from our friend Joe Rone.

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California Sun, from the CD "Let's Get Jumpstarted"

Jumpin' Blues

Smitty and the JumpStarters were booked for MerleFest 2020 on the Dance Stage.

The festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19.

​We'll be back for the 2021 Festival

This Jumpin’, Swingin’ Blues quartet is playing songs made to get your feet moving. The JumpStarters feature upbeat songs that pull styles from West Coast Swing, Chicago Blues, Memphis Rockabilly and a big dose of Chuck Berry. This style of music was rock-n-roll before it had a name. These music veterans are ready to introduce this style to a whole new group of people. So bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to Shake Yo' Shimmy.

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Smitty and the JumpStarters

Let's Go Jumpin', from the CD "Let's Get Jumpstarted"

Thank-You MerleFest

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